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20/21/22 AUG


All artwork is for sale. Prices are just an indication. Get in touch with the artist to negotiate the price and agree on the sale.


The Artists


Matthew Mifsud

Matthew Mifsud is an award-winning artist and creative. In his career spanning 13 years, Matthew has continuously explored the creative sector and held positions such as Deputy Art Director at the Royal National Theatre and Creative Director at Quiet Storm — whilst also developing his artistic practice through exhibitions at Royal Academy of Arts and the Ashurst Emerging Artist Prize exhibition. Matthew’s a firm believer that creativity can take any shape or form and is very passionate about the fact that technology enables everyone to become a creator, maker and doer.

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Dan Ioannou

Dan Ioannou is a London-born artist specialising in abstract expressions of bold colour and dynamic movement. His practice is conceptual and process-driven, often using a playful approach, drawing inspiration from language, art, architecture, and pop culture. Dan's paintings are a continuous exploration of colour interactivity, contrast, composition, and the dialogue between textures and transparencies.


Nanelle Jayawardene

Trained in architecture, Nanelle Jayawardene is a figurative painter. She is a keen Plein air painter since a very young age and has shown works in London, Cambridge, Tokyo, Colombo, and Mumbai. Nanelle has also won a number of international art awards and continues to work from her Brixton studio on a range of subject matter from aerial views of exotic locations, vast open landscapes to quaint domestic still-lifes. Nanelle's recent interests in urban life have compelled her to explore representational works with broad brush strokes and palette.


Ricardo Salles

Ricardo Salles is a Pop Artist from colourful and passionate Brazil, and his origins have inspired his most recent artwork. 

He has an Ma in Media, Culture and Communication from the University  of London, a PGDip in Digital Media and Arts from the University of Brighton, and a degree in Fine Arts from Brazil. Ricardo Salles is on a constant exploration of drawing, expressionism and colour. 

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Thomas Simmonds

Thomas is a South London based artist and educator. He is an expressionist/ pop artist who also creates art through the use of digital technology. Thomas' paintings explore how colour, shape and texture work together, whilst his digital art, created on an iPad, allows him to show a different form of creativity.